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The real face of Jesus Christ picture is
illustrated by BBC photo library.

Was Christianity created by enemies of Jesus? NEW!  Most of what we've been told about Jesus derives from the four canonical Gospel accounts of his life, which are routinely treated as historical accounts. But what if the Gospels aren't actually historical accounts? And what if Jesus didn't actually start Christianity?
What if Jesus Was A Man? New findings, if validated, would question the deity status of Jesus of Nazareth.
The Invention of the Jewish People?  A scholar outlines some controversial history.
Did Jesus visit Tibet? An unusual antique scroll depicts Jesus among the people of Tibet and China. Is it real?

The Dead Sea Scrolls: an update Bitter debates and politics seem to keep these fragments from seeing the light of day. What are they hiding?

The DEVIL LIVED  A historical look at origins of evil and the personality we call the Devil. Was he a real entity? Historical evidence suggests he pre-dates the Sumerian cultures. Is he really evil or did he just get a bad reputation?

Exact Dates of Biblical Exodus:  New research gives precise times of this crucial Biblical event!
Krishna Worship and Rathayatra Festival in Ancient Egypt?  Observations by Bibhu Dev Misra
The Spectral Expanse of The Human Mindscape  Some thoughts about... thoughts!
Who Was Abraham?  A look at similarities between the Hindu god Brahma and his consort Saraisvati and the Jewish Abraham and Sarai... Gene Matlock explores lost history.
New dates for Buddha.  A new theory dates the time of Buddha to around 1800 BC.

Mithras & Jesus  Two sides of the same coin!
Al Qaeda, Queen of Sheba & The Ark of the Covenant  The REAL reason why Yemen is the new front of the war on terror. Now it can be told.
Moslem Prophecies Await the Messiah  Like Christians, Moslems are waiting for a Messiah. The moslem prophecies put the current rift between Shiites and Sunis in contect, as well as explain Islamic extremism.

NEW -- FINKELSTEIN: Traitor or Pragmatist? An important analysis by author Gulamhusein A Abba
The Dorje: Symbol of Enlightenment  Bhuddists attempt to wake us from this dream and remind us of our true identity as the "observer". The awakening from this dream is called "enlightenment."
Snake Cults in Ancient Religion How could the ancient Egyptians have adored the loathsome snake? Maybe there's more to the story...
The Hopi Prophecy : The "Hopi Plan of Life" is described by the elders of the Hopi Hotevilla faction as it has been revealed in the Hopi Prophecy Stone.
The HOPI: People of corn Viewzone visits the Hopi Reservation in Arizona and talks with tribal enders about the past, present and future.
The Hopi Blue Star A story about comets, supernovae and the prophesized coming catastrophe. (Hopi beliefs)
A Real Haunted House With photos!

NEW!  An Alaskan Prophecy   Larry gave this speech to a meeting of Aleut elders who had assembled to hear his important message. Larry began his speech in the Aleut language with the saying, "The afternoon tastes good." He continued...
Interview with a Medicine Man  A revealing look at Dine (Navajo) culture through the eyes of elder and spiritual guide, Albert Laughter.
The Ant-people of Orion The Hopi "kiva" is designed to resemble an ant hole. The historical legends link space, spirit and history.
The Linguistic Origins of Religion  Fascinating research-- we are all one.
Wovoka: The Paiute Messiah A Native American prophet who instigated the ghost dance.

The Earliest Known Reference to "Christ" ever found describes him as a "Magician"!
The Sacred Thyia Tree: For some reason this unique tree was critical in the dens of Oracles, from Delphi, Dodona and Thebes. What's so special aboput this tree?
Ancient temples designed for 110 Hz chanting  Scientists reveal that this unique frequency "turned on" the religious center of the right hemisphere in ancient human brains.
The Linguistic Origins of Religion  Fascinating research that shows how we are all one.
Is the Hopi deity KOKOPELI really an ancient Hindu god?  Historian Gene Matlock makes his case.




Take the Color Preference Personality Test (Free)  This famous test reveals hidden conflicts,desires and hints at strategies that may be hindering your progress.
Putting Feelings Into Words  Produces Therapeutic Effects in Brain. It's why we feel better after therapy.
Aluminum & Alzheimer's Disease Is there a connection? The aging American population will soon manifest millions of new cases of this terrible disease.
Daddy's Little Girl will likely pick a mate who looks like him.  Surprising research explains why this happens.

Babies Learn Language in the Womb! Amazing research.
Short Temper Linked to Lung Disease! Research shows that harboring hostility may Be linked to unhealthy lungs
Chocolate Boosts Memory New study is "sweet." Just one more reason to feel guiltless about eating chocolate -- it's can make you smarter!
Fight Depression with YOGA!  New medical study shows promising positive results.


Where are our memories stored? Key to memory storage in the brain discovered. "Making a memory is not a conscious act," explains Alcino Silva, principal investigator.
Virginia Tech Massacre: What makes a sociopath?  How can we prevent this from happening again? Also -- a look at VT shooter Cho Seung's personal writings.

How to detect a liar  Eye movements reveal truthfulness. Learn how professional interrogators such as police, CIA and the FBI can spot a liar. Try the "shifting eyes" test on friends or co-workers.
How do we know what is beautiful? What is Beauty? A look at what scientists know about what makes a person "handsome" or "pretty."
Left Brain Right Brain  At least one of your brains (we have two) will be happy to know this little known fact about our chief organ. This Dan Eden article has been updated with new photographs of famous people.
Left & Right Emotions A revealing look at how each side of your brain deals with emotions in a different way.
Neurolinguistics.  Are you a "word" person or a "visual" person? The science of Neurolinguistics is explained.
Cosmic Consciousness   - an overused phrase assumes new significance in this brief conversation with brain scientist, T.D. Lingo, introduced and explained by his student, Neil Slade.


Do it better with Dopamine!  Tips on enhancing your "pleasure" with this neurotransmitter.
Do YOU Love?  Most of what we think of as love is not. This is a MUST read for every human being.
Turn yourself on without drugs!  Neil Slade reveals a method for getting high without drugs. This remarkable discovery will blow your mind! And it's perfectly legal and safe.
Is E.S.P. for real?   This recent report may shed some light on extra sensory perception.
A Miraculous Cure For Stroke Victims!  A jazz musician has discovered some unexpected and dramatic results when using rhythm therapy with stroke victims!
Sadness: The new plague.  Some researchers believe that depression may be inherent in our changing culture.
Being Dirty May Make You Happier! A study shows positive emotional benefits from common bacteria.
Hate Crimes in Schools  It's a growing trend in American schools. Where does it come from?
E.S.P. and L.S.T.  Psychic powers appear to be strongest when the center of our Galaxy is overhead. What could this mean?
Remote Sensing Tutorials  Teach yourself to visualize things in remote places with these lessons.
Testing ESP under hypnosis  Observations of telepathy in an hypnotic state.


Environmental cause for homosexuality  linked to PVC products your are exposed to daily.
Brain Rage  Like 'Road Rage,' the perpetrator finds a temporary sense of release and relief, but a deeper examination will show nothing is really solved..."
Grid Brain  Specialized brain circuitry has been discovered for keeping track of the ever-changing locations of other cars while you're driving.
Synchonicity  You're sitting at your kitchen table, thinking about an old friend who you haven't spoken to in a while. The phone rings-- it's the friend! First described by psychologist Carl Jung, there may be more to this than meets the eye.
Can A Common Parasite Make You Sexy?  A common parasite can increase a women's attractiveness to the opposite sex but also make men more stupid, an Australian researcher says.

Hypnotic Recall of the Future!   A hypnotic session goes awry when the subject recalls future lives!
Depression linked to processed food  New research explains why.
Where are memories stored?  Test your sensory and short term memory here with flash animations.
Personality is hardwired!: New brain research has found specific areas corresponding to personality traits. You can now use this information to change who you are!





In our modern world, it's not difficult for our bodies to become overwhelmed processing dietary and environmental toxins. When our bodies become overwhelmed, they can't detoxify properly until we intervene. Adding an herbal fiber supplement is a great way to cleanse the body of these toxins naturally.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Killing us (all) sofly. New research links this sweetner to obesity, disease & death.
New research can reverse the biological clock.  Infra-red treatments make cells regenerate.
Don't peal your apples!  "An apple a day..." New research shows that apple peals contain ingredients top prevent cancer.
Pre-Birth Diet of Apples prevents asthma in babies.  More research pointing to healthy diet of apples.

Pomegranate Juice fights cancer! Researchers are adding to the list of cancer types for which pomegranates seem to halt growth.
Carrots make you sexy and live longer! Nutritionists have found that eating carrots can slow down the rate of aging - and that females prefer mates that will be long-lived.
Broccoli & Brussels Sprouts prevent cancer Eat Your Broccoli: Study Finds Strong Anti-Cancer Properties In Cruciferous Veggies.
Pistachios May Calm Acute Stress Reaction  Eating pistachios may reduce your body's response to the stresses of everyday life, according to a Penn State study.
Macadamia Nuts Good For The Heart Incorporating macadamia nuts into a heart healthy diet can reduce cardiovascular disease risks.
Fish Oil helps Rheumatoid Arthritis Other benefits are explored also.
Eating Less = Longer Life Can not eating can make you live longer?
Diet Soda and Hi Salt Intake = Kidney Failure! New study explains the link.


Walnuts Inhibit Cancer! New studies released.
Nuts for Health Nutritional and medical experts have, over the last 10 years, made it perfectly clear: we are all eating too much fat and oil.
High Fructose Corn Syrup linked to Hypertension and obesity and diabetes...
The Importnce of Fiber Fiber comes from vegetables like broccoli. What kinds of symptoms result from eating too little fiber? Acne, elevated cholesterol levels, headaches, hemorrhoids...
An Unclean Mouth Can Cause Heart Attack  New evidence of the dangers of streptococci sanguinis.
A Guide To Breathing Here is a guide to breathing techniques that can help you when exercising or competing in your next sports activity! The author details techniques for running, diving, swimming, playing tennis & weight lifting.
Obesity Is Genetic!  New research settles the age long argument. So what do obese people do now?

Even One Big-Mac Can Be Deadly People who consume a single, high-fat meal are more prone to suffer the physical consequences of stress than those who eat a low-fat meal."What's really shocking is that this is just one meal," says Dr Tavis Campbell.
Don't Eat McDonalds Chicken McNuggets! They contain poisons and carcinogens. McNuggets contain several completely synthetic ingredients, quasi-edible substances that ultimately come from a petroleum refinery or chemical plant.

Who Needs Vitamin D?
Everyone... and we need a lot more than doctors have been telling us. See what can happen if you don't get enough!
Aspirin Prevents Colon Cancer  More research on aspirin as a preventive medicine. More benefits of common medical remedies.
Aspirin Prevents More Cancers!  More new research suggests this ancient medicine has miraculous possibilities.
Sleep necessary for immune system.  A study shows that sleep does more than relax the mind.
How to Cope With Stress 10 Simple Stress Reduction Techniques from Dr Jennifer Brett.

New Drug Reverses Hair Loss No. This is not an ad! Male pattern hair loss (MPHL) is a condition that affects as many as 50 percent of men by the age of fifty, but according to a new study, baldness may soon be a treatable condition.
Vaccines & Autism A link! The autism rate rises in tandem with increasing numbers of vaccines that contain a known neurotoxin, ethyl mercury. Public health authorities say that's coincidence.
Fluoride Is it safe? Is it neccessary? Famous researcher, Dr. Yiamouyiannis writes that the acceleration of the aging process by fluoride occurs at the bio-chemical level by causing enzyme inhibition, collagen breakdown, genetic damage and disruption of the immune system.
Cell phones proven to damage memory. How safe is your cellphone? Do you really know? Recent studies on cancer are examined.
Chewing Gum Reduces Weight Two new studies confirm this.
Cigarettes full of harmful bacteria! Eeeeks! Read this.
New Treatment for Radiation Therapy Sickness Ginko Biloba apparently prevents cellular damage from radiation. Read the new research!

Doctors Warn: Get more Vitamin-D Or risk getting skin cancer. Huge deficiencies seen in the popoulation.
Eggplant cures skin cancer A folk medicine cure from Australian farmers tips off scientists.
Beyond H2O--The Water When is water MORE than just a molecule? Elder explains the miracle of this vital gift from nature.
Pesticides Linked to Cancer Pesticide exposure has also been linked to Parkinson's disease. Agricultural workers exposed to high levels of pesticides have a raised risk of brain tumours, research suggests. All natural greenhouses are looking better and better.
A Cure for Diabetes! Blocking a single protein with an experimental drug prevented and treated both type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis in laboratory mice that had been fed unhealthy diets and were genetically predisposed to these common killers.
SV40 -- the Deadly Cure  If you received a polio vaccination back in the 50's, you likely got something deadly you never asked for...
St. John's Wart: A natural cure for depression? This ancient herbal medicinal is just now being recognized as a reliable treatment for depression.
Growing & Keeping Your Hair A humorous but informative story about current remedies and treatment.
Smallpox: the Weapon  An important look at this now extinct disease. Will someone bring it back?

Depleted Uranium A new poison our troops are bringing home. In May 2003 Scott Peterson, a writer with the US newspaper CSM, examined radioactivity levels next to DU bullets in Baghdad and found Geiger-counter readings were 1900 times greater than background radiation levels next to DU bullets.
Rejuvenation, Regeneration & Regrowth The latest news in stem cell treatments.

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