After driving for miles and miles on this incredibly long road, we've arrived in Kykotsmovi, Arizona, in the land of the Hopi. We're at the Hopi Cultural Preservation Center and are preparing to meet our contacts before we set up our equipment.

We noticed upon entering the Hopi reservation that numerous signs are posted prohibiting photography of any kind, as well as video and audio taping, or even sketching!

During our initial contacts to set up meetings we learned that these people are very private, and we are very respectful of that. We hope to be able to discuss current issues and concerns that face the Hopi today.

Our cameras are packed away unless, of course, we are given permission to use them.

Note: Out of respect for the request not to draw or photograph items that we see, the graphic designs on the following pages are created to give the feel of Pueblo designs in general, and are not meant to be interpreted as original Hopi art.

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