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Thomas O. Mills, as a youth, went with his mother to live on the Hopi reservation in Northeastern Arizona, where he listened closely to Hopi storytellers and pondered the stories' meanings. He also studied author Frank Waters, who in 1963 wrote The Book of the Hopi with his Hopi informant Oswald White Bear Fredericks. Their book included the Hopi Creation Story, and thoroughly explored the Hopi ceremonial cycle and its cosmic implications. Mills listened, read and began to draw his own original and provocative conclusions. In his books, he seeks to track, from clues within the story, actual events and history that may be buried within it, and how this information could relate to our future.

Mills analyzes the Hopis' story of the "ant people" with whom they sheltered underground during a worldwide flood, and of their migration across the ocean to their present location, and examines other clues such as the astronomy-based timings of ceremonials and placement of the villages, geological history, shifts in position of the poles, and more. He postulates that the Hopis' history and religion is related to the early civilization of Egypt. Looking at the architectural layout of the pyramids "through Hopi eyes," he finds refections of their forms and angles in Hopi design elements.

Mills sent us some examples of Egyptian architecture and art which may have relevance now, in the coming year -- 2012.

-- Editor / viewzone

Learn more about the Hopi. See our archived expedition to the Hopi Reservation (1998): HERE.



by Thomas O Mills

When I look at the translations of the Egyptian writings and murals, I see where many of their ideas are really based off of just on one thought; that the pyramids were built for a pharaohs tomb, and after that, everything else just seems be added on to fit this hypothesis of death and tombs.

When I look at the murals with an open mind, and a point of view based on the Hopi Creation Story, there seems to be a different conclusion. I see a universal language that scholars or time can not change.

It is the Hopi belief that we are in the forth world or time. The Creator has had to come back to Earth and help populate (Create) the planet after three reoccurring global catastrophes. The first world was destroyed by fire, the second by ice, and the third by a Biblical flood.

My definition of the mural would be: Positive, fertility, productivity, procreation, and life giving. The Creator is shown with an erect phallus creating four beings or guardians that represent one of each of the four worlds or times he has created from the past to the present.

Whenever you see one of these figures represented in another mural, you know which world or time the mural is talking about: the first world (1) is represented by a Human figure with a beard; the second world (2) is represented by a Baboon headed figure; the third world (3) is represented by the Jackal or Dog figure. The fourth world (4) is represented by a Hawk headed figure or Hawk.

The Creator is laying at a certain angle which I would imagine has to do with the Earth's tilt or the Earth's angle based on the Hopi Creation Story. He has the head of a snake in his right hand and its coils represent our path through the different worlds or times, numbering each one for us, from one to four. Here is the Egyptian definition is: A twenty-First Dynasty drawing from Albert Champdor's The Book of the Dead that shows a mummy with phallus erect sliding into the Seventh Region of the Lower World, described as being "filled with serpent's coils and the four sons of Horus who protect the viscera of the dead."

I did not know that mummies could be erect and have found no explanation of how the Egyptologist came up with this explanation.

Native Americans use the snake to represent their path or boundaries -- the number of coils refer to the number of times, the right angle, the end of the path. In Southern Ohio, The Great Serpent Mound, is thought to represent a serpent eating an egg. My thoughts would be that it represents the six times the Creator said he would return and re-populate the Earth. After that, we are on our own.

The Hopi Prophecy Stones: Mills' illustrations of the Hopi tablets that were given to the ancient ones by Musawa. Note the use of the snake symbol. The story is told as follows: "The Hopis also have in their possession the stone tablets that Masaw gave to them. These are not ordinary stones that could have been made in America, but ivory stones with hieroglyphs cut into them with strange figures... like those carved in Egypt on the temples.

Figures of headless men, swastikas, and snakes. One corner of the Fire Clan Tablet has a corner missing. It was broken off when Masawa gave the stone to the Hopi, and this piece was given to the White Brother as proof that he could return and join in the Ceremonies, finally completing the Cycle making this a paradise on Earth, complete with joyful songs to the Creator from the rooftops. Old Oribia will be rejuvenated and rain will come for all the crops for all four brothers on Mother Earth." [source]

One of the tablets Masaw gave to the Fire Clan was very small, about four inches square, made of dark colored stone, and with a piece broken off from one corner. On one side were marked several symbols, and on the other the figure of a man without a head. Masaw was the deity of the Fire Clan; and he gave them this tablet just before he turned his face from them, becoming invisible, so that they would have a record of his words.

This is what he said, as marked on the tablet: After the Fire Clan had migrated to their permanent home, the time would come when they would be overcome by a strange people. They would be forced to develop their land and lives according to the dictates of a new ruler, or else they would be treated as criminals and punished. But they were not to resist. They were to wait for the person who would deliver them. This person was their lost white brother, Pahana, who would return to them with the missing corner piece of the tablet, deliver them from their prosecutors, and work out with them a new and universal brotherhood of man. But, warned Masawa, if their leader accepted any other religion, he must assent to having his head cut off. This would dispel the evil and save his people.

-- Book of Hopi

With the universal knowledge of which figure represents which world or time, let's take a look at a mural that has perplexed everyone since it was discovered.

The Dog or Jackal-like figure, representing the 3rd world, is teaching young people about balance. The young Nephew, who is mentioned in the Hopi Creation Story, is on the other side of the balance on the bottom level helping with this teaching.

The Hawk Headed figure that represents the present 4th world is on the top level, on the right side. Behind him are the students that have already been trained, their guardians, the Hopi twins. The blessings of food and seeds are located in front of the Hawk Headed figure. They are all carrying their planting sticks for their journey into this -- the new fourth world.

The Creators are watching as this training is being done on the bottom left. A figure I call the destroyer, is also watching on the bottom right. One figure is keeping score of who is trained and who is not. In my mind the mural is about the Creators teaching the new initiates, who are going from the third world into the fourth world, about the Earth's delicate balance. If they do not learn this important lesson, the destroyer is waiting.

Book of the Dead of Hunefer (19th Dynasty), painted on papyrus, showing a similar "weighing" scene -- only this time the deceased heart comes out on the right side. So no eating of the heart by crocodile-headed "destroyer" monsters, rather Hunefer gets presented to Osiris backed by Isis and Nepthys as one of the worthy dead. [source]

The Egyptologist explanation: The Weighing of the Heart (Spell 308). The deceased and his wife stand at left, in the middle, Anubis weights a heart, representative of the deceased, against a feather, the symbol of Maat ("things as the ought to be"). The god Thoth records the proceedings, while the monster Ammit ("Swallower of the Dead") waits at right to devour the heart if it is found wanting. Above sit twelve gods as witnesses. From the Book of the Dead of Ani.

I did not know the deceased could stand.

Some say that this figure could represent the spirit world or a depiction of the spiritual world after death. One thing I have learned from the Hopi is to look at each mural or painting as a factual representation of what was happening at that time. I do not believe these two figures represent spiritual beings but real people looking at the training that was performed at that time.

The Hopi use feathers to communicate with the Creator which they call prayer feathers or paho's. The Creator told the Hopi they could use feathers to carry their prayers aloft to him. That is why many native American tribes use feathers in their ceremonies.

The translation of the feather, called Maat by Egyptologist, is truth, balance, law, order, morality and justice. My definition would be that it represents the amount of weight that was need to stabilize the planet after the poler ice caps melted in the past. It could be the weight of a feather. It is not the size of the object that is out of balance that matters, but the amount of weight that is actually out of balance. It could be the weight of a feather.

The Negative side of the universal language, or infertile, non-productive, against creation, is shown in figure 4. It shows the Creator at a different angle and with an indiction that he will not Create when he is at this angle. The snake that is behind him forms a right angle and indicates that he is at the end of his path in this the fourth world.

Based on the Hopi Creation Story:

1 Shows the Creator looking at 8 upside-down Earths. He promised to fix 7 not 8.

2 Shows the Creator on top of 7 complete universes (that He promised) and the 5 unused constellations that He did not use.

3 Shows that the Creator has already 'bent over backwards' 4 times to balance the planet. He will not bend over for 8 -- only 7. The figure holding the serpent is Ophiushus, the 13th constellation, that brings a new path for us to follow as we cross the galactic equator December 21, 2012. The next figure has two sides and then the last figure shows us rolling over.

4 The Scarab beetle is rotating the planet above him and, according to the Hopi Creation Story, shows an indication of a rotation of the Earth's poles, or the Earth will roll over at this angle.

5 Shows the Creator giving life, seeds, and blessings to His Nephew and Spider-Women for their journey into the 5th world to come.

This is how the Egyptologist describe the mural: Highly symbolic scenes from the third corridor of the tomb of Ramesses IX include representations from an otherwise unknown book of the netherworld along with enigmatic cryptographic inscriptions.

There is a reference to Figure 42 concerning the second line of this illustration. This is a reference to an illustration that I use in my book, The Book of Truth, A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story. It shows what I believe is a reference to the Creator's plan of 6 constellations on one side of the galactic equator in space, and 6 constellations on the other side of this same division.

Again the snakes form the boundaries and show the direction the Earth is rotating through the constellations. Each figure in the circle has his arms raised and is praising the Creator. The Creator is up on top, ready to create at this point in time. Whenever I see 12 items on the murals of Egypt I think of the 12 constellations. I am not sure what the symbols in the middle of the circle represent.

Their description: The name of Ramesses III enclosed within a representation of the Sun's endless circuit, linguistically and symbolically fusing the name of the king with the solar deity.

There are many excellent examples of the positive side of the universal language and the figures of six and one (Figure 5). This example is located in the Valley of the Kings and is an underground chamber called KV-5.

From National Geographic Magazine September of 1998 Page 13.

If by some chance there is a chamber located where the male figures head would be, it might prove this theory and the truth behind the universal language.

Based on the Hopi Creation Story, I believe this figure represents the Creator's Nephew, the one he left here on Earth to help us on our way, in this the fourth world or time.


VZ: As I understand the Creation story, we are currently in the fourth world and maybe on the way into the fifth world. These transitions usually happen by some catastrophe, at least as far s humanity is concerned. Do you see any specific signs correlating to the Hopi teachings that indicate this transition is upon us now?

Mills: Yes I do. The melting of our polar ice caps and global warming. Many of our current problems such as droughts, earthquakes, fires, floods, record snow falls, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, weather patterns, and small shifts in the earths rotation could all be caused by the ice melting on our poler ice caps, or as the Hopi say, the twins leaving their post.

On September 15th, 2011 we had three 6.0 earthquakes, in three different locations, Japan, New Zealand, and Cuba, all at the same time. My question would be, was this just a coincidence or did the earth tweak because of the lose of weight on our polar ice caps and this caused the earthquakes all to happen at the same time? Is it just a coincidence that earthquakes can now cause the earth to actually shift or slow down as we rotate through space? I do not remember this happing in the past and in my mind the only thing that is different is our poles are melting. Again my question would be, what came first, the earthquake or the pole shift?

The Hopi have said from the very beginning that the earth is on a very delicate balance. This is not news to them. Many of their most important ceremonies are based on the winter and summer solstice and the equinox. They have been watching the earths balance for a very long time.

So in the end I don't think it will matter if global warming was caused by humans or the earth's location in space. This event has happened in the past (the Hopi believe this is the fourth time since the Creator placed life on the planet) and it will happen again, and it is predictable. In 1993 Dan Evehama wrote in his book Hotevilla:

"Cold and hot spells are occurring in new patterns, so that vegetation is being affected. Corn is now being raised much farther north in Canada. The time may come when citrus fruit can be grown there.

New insects, animals, and birds are appearing in different places as old habitats disappear. Supposedly, they are in search of their own cultural environment. If only one or two things were involved, there might be some explanation; but when every phase of life, sea, earth, and air is feeling the same changes, there must be something happening."

VZ: The "Universal Language" you speak of is not a spoken one. It seems to be made using symbolic shapes. Can you give some examples of symbols the Hopi and Egyptians have in common?

Mills: I believe the pyramid complex in Egypt, Mexico, and China all mark the Earth's delicate balance by showing the winter and summer solstice and the equinox at different points in Earth's history. The Hopi also have these locations marked by their buildings, kivas, and hieroglyphs. Many of unanswered questions about ancient structures like Stonehenge, the Avenue of the Dead, the Mayan Temples, can be answered by looking at the earths different pole locations: see viewzone article.

At the Valley Temple in the pyramid complex, there is a large causeway that indicates the direction of the earth's rotation at the present time. This same symbol is also located on the Hopi Fire Clan Tablet.

There are many similarities between the Hopi and the Creators of the Pyramid Complex; both have the same type of religion (masked deities, sun worship, feathers, etc), both had bows and arrows, the same type of jewelry, turquoise, fetiches, hair styles, weavings, hieroglyphs, boomerangs, pottery, grinding stones, corn, murals, farming techniques, dolls of their deities, and a great respect for the balance of the Earth and the Creator.

I believe the complex belongs to all four races of man, black, yellow, red, and white. All four are represented there and it was the location where the Creator, created our civilization. The Egyptians just took up residence there.

VZ: As far as you know, what is the status of the Hopi elders regarding all of this 2012 excitement?

Mills: The elders have told me that no one, except the Creator, really knows the exact date and time of the next event. They have also told me that when the poler ice caps melt, the earth will shake like a dog getting out of the water. We will be out of balance. There will be many earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc. Their Creation Story explains it like this:

"The twins (our twin polar ice caps) had hardly abandoned their stations when the world, with no one to control it, teetered off balance, spun around crazily, then rolled over twice. Mountains plunged into the seas with a great splash, seas and lakes sloshed over the land; and as the world spun through cold and lifeless space it froze into solid ice."

The moisture from the melting ice reformed and balanced the planet. It would be my guess that the poles were not in the same location as in the past. It is my belief, based on their Creation Story, that the melting of our polar ice caps is our biggest threat. What can we do to stop the poles from melting? That is the question.

Thomas O. Mills

Author: The Book of Truth A New Perspective of the Hopi Creation Story and Stonehenge, If This Was East

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