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The Hopi Prophesy

[Editor's Note: See also The Hopi Prophecy Rock on]

Thomas Banyacya was one of four Hopi spiritual leaders selected by traditional Elders in 1948 to carry Hopi prophecies to the world. A half-century later, as the sole remaining Hopi messenger, Banyacya joined nine other indigenous people to speak before the United Nations General Assembly to warn them that their prophecies indicated that civilization was about to be subjected to abrupt and extreme changes from nature and the planet. It is worth recalling his message.

"Hopi in our language means a peaceful, kind, gentle, and truthful people. We made a sacred covenant which includes the responsibility of taking care of this land and life for (Masawa, the Great Spirit's) purpose. Our goal is to pray and promote the welfare of all living beings and to preserve the world in a natural way."
The Hopi leader said the prophecies indicate the world is in its "final days." He demanded that an investigation be made to stop the destruction of native peoples' lives and homelands. He warned against ruining nature and desecrating sacred sites. Banyacya emphasized that the Hopi center, in the Four Corners area of the Southwest US, is a Sacred site which has a special purpose for humankind's future survival. It should be left in its natural state, he stated. "It should be the mission of your nations and this Assembly to use your power and rules to examine and cure the damage people have done to this earth and to each other," Banyacya exhorted the Assembly. "It is up to all of us as children of Mother Earth to clean up this mess before it's too late."

In his address, Banyacya invoked the Hopi prophecies about the consequences of living out of balance with nature and spirit. Floods, earthquakes, extinction of animals and birds, climate changes, hail storms, and many damaging hurricanes, he said, are the loud voices of his ancestors' warnings. Most public adjusters would even probably tell you that a mixture of those things at once would probably be a cause for concern. The evening of the native speakers' appearance at the UN, heavy rain, strong winds, and the worst floods in New York's memory assailed the New York City area. Major highways were closed, and the UN building's lower subfloors flooded, forcing a shutdown of its heating and air conditioning.

Native people attending the General Assembly considered these events more than coincidental. Thomas Banyacya called on all the participants, including UN officials, to form a great circle in a symbolic act of prayer. One participant claimed she had never felt herself to be in such a safe place. Others noted that no further storm damage occurred in Manhattan after the circle gathered.

The Hopi Tablets - as revealed in Thomas O. Mills book, The Truth

It is clear that the new millennium seems to coincide with the prophetic times of many of Earth's oldest religions. The Mayan calendar marks the end of time in just a few more years. Many Native Americans describe this not as an end but as the moving from one era to another era. In our Alaskan story this was explained as moving from the fourth to the fifth hoop. In the Hopi tradition, the movement will be from the fourth to the fifth "world."

An interesting exploration of the Hopi prophecies is provided by Thomas O. Mills. Mills grew up on the Hopi Reservation in Second Mesa, Arizona. As a boy, he helped his Mom run the newly built Hopi Cultural Preservation Office, which today is the main stopping point for outsiders. [Our Expedition '98 stayed in this facility.]

In his book, The Truth, Mills reveals that he has written the book because he wants to let more people know about the Hopi prophecies. His message implies that there is something of the Divine Spirit in these prophecies that will "click" if we just will take the time to hear him out. And he is right.

Mills explains the Hopi stories of Creation. Humanity has had three previous eras of development, a rise and fall marking each one. We are now at the end of the "fourth world," poised to enter the "fifth world.". Each previous world has been felled by some catastrophe, such as the ice age, or the inability to speak and use language. According the Hopi prophesy, we are about to enter into the fifth world, which naturally implies an impending fourht world catastrophe.

What will our downfall be this time? Can we avoid it? The Hopi have had the answers embedded in their traditions and religion like the DNA of a latent virus. When the time is ripe, the symbolism and pagantry will be revealed as a stable metaphor of complex issues regarding nature, creation and human survival. Some of these issues are frankly addressed in The Book of the Hopi. But few non-Hopi have ever been exposed to these teachings.

Mills provides numerous translations from The Book of Hopi and he does a good job of explaining these in his own words. It's a rare individual who can understand such complexities and yet have the ability to speak so plainly. Perhaps most interesting of all is that Mills describes a collection of tablets that were left by Masawa, the Caretaker of Earth (more specifically, the southwest American desert), to the Hopi upon their entrance to the fourth world. Mills explains how the Hopi were instructed to care for the planet. He shows many interesting similarities between concepts and representations of Hopi deities and those of ancient Egypt. He has a brilliant and well-illustrated theory that envisions the Egyptian pyramids and surrounding temples as forming large symbolic messages which reinforces the underscores the impending transition to the fifth world.

Mills proposes that the giant stone pyramids functioned to balance an unstable planet. Like the weights used to balance a tire, the careful positioning of these structures can influence the axis of the planet. Although the pyramids are minute in relation to the Earth, the mechanism is the result of almost super-human knowledge of nature. His illustrations of Egyptian murals from over four millennia seem to reinforce his theories. Your mind is allowed to contemplate the significance of these revelations. At a time when we focus more on our differences and less on our common ancestry, The Truth seems rightly named and comes just about in time.

Below are Mills' illustrations of the Hopi tablets that were given to the ancient ones by Musawa. The story is told as follows:

The Hopis also have in their possession the stone tablets that Masaw gave to them. These are not ordinary stones that could have been made in America, but ivory stones with hieroglyphs cut into them with strange figures... like those carved in Egypt on the temples.

Figures of headless men, swastikas, and snakes. One corner of the Fire Clan Tablet has a corner missing. It was broken off when Masawa gave the stone to the Hopi, and this piece was given to the White Brother as proof that he could return and join in the Ceremonies, finally completing the Cycle making this a paradise on Earth, complete with joyful songs to the Creator from the rooftops. Old Oribia will be rejuvenated and rain will come for all the crops for all four brothers on Mother Earth.

One of the tablets Masaw gave to the Fire Clan was very small, about four inches square, made of dark colored stone, and with a piece broken off from one corner. On one side were marked several symbols, and on the other the figure of a man without a head. Masaw was the deity of the Fire Clan; and he gave them this tablet just before he turned his face from them, becoming invisible, so that they would have a record of his words.

This is what he said, as marked on the tablet: After the Fire Clan had migrated to their permanent home, the time would come when they would be overcome by a strange people. They would be forced to develop their land and lives according to the dictates of a new ruler, or else they would be treated as criminals and punished. But they were not to resist. They were to wait for the person who would deliver them. This person was their lost white brother, Pahana, who would return to them with the missing corner piece of the tablet, deliver them from their prosecutors, and work out with them a new and universal brotherhood of man. But, warned Masawa, if their leader accepted any other religion, he must assent to having his head cut off. This would dispel the evil and save his people.

-The Book of Hopi

Mills touches on the shifting poles theories of Charles Hapgood and ties together many widely held beliefs about the underworld in his self-published, paperback book. It is just the kind of curious work that ViewZone readers will enjoy. For more information, contact Tom Mills.

You may also be interested to note that Dr. James Harris
has found evidence of a middle-Eastern script on these tablets.
See this exciting discovery.


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The second tablet is the first tablet in my opinion. Think Genesis where Adam lays down at night The second tablet is the first tablet in my opinion. Think Genesis where Adam lays down at night =(eve-ning), See Eve with a necklace connected to are lying Adam at his rib. The sea serpent necklace has not been confined to live on the ground as of yet..that comes later in the story.

The two lights on the back are the creation of duality that takes place in the story over and over again. From the duality of Noah's animals to rival brothers of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah all is in duality and being further externalized as Good and Evil.

The back of the first tablet shows the serpent being transformed into the snake having to be at the heals of men.Labor is implied with the growing of corn and the cycles of fertility shown in a timeline referencing the 4th world. This theme continues on the back as the 4 sides of the rectangle feature a trinity of ham opposites that face each other perhaps signifying the 3 dimensions of duality destined until the 5th world (timeline on the left border?).

The 4th tablet is the third tablet which shows the split between head and heart. The swastika goes after the head (Hebrew) and the empty land takes the heart (Hopi). The Nile timeline shows when the tablets were broken.

The third tablet which is the front is the reunification of the heart and head and transcendence of duality with the serpent eating it's own tail thus being really the first and the last tablet for what this shows is the cycle of individuation..

Terry O.

[Editor's Note: See also The Hopi Prophecy Rock on]


Hello... The "Second Tablet" is a map of the Colorado River at Tatahatso Point / Pres. Harding Rapids. The dash line is Eminence Break (fault line). The map covers about 1 square mile. It is extremely accurate (like 95% when matched w/ a topo map). The entrance to the Sipapuni (Place of Emergence) is there. The other Sipapuni -- at the junction of the Little Colorado River -- is a ritual site.

I figured it all out in 1998 and went looking for it at the behest of Spider Woman and Maasaw. I also visited the Elders and presented them with a package of this information (topo maps &c). I was told that if I went in, I would be cursed and my family would be cursed. I told them that I already live under a curse, and I have no family. Besides, Maasaw and Spider Woman invited me. But I havent been back because their deities have not called me back. That can wait until the time of the Purification.

That is what that tablet is about. Any other opinion is mere fantasy.

Robert Nelson

Editor's Note: OK. This sounded so far fetched that we had to take a look.

There is some similarity of shapes in the river... and that cliff suddenly makes sense of the otherwise "amoebic" looking shape on the Hopi rock... hmmm. What do you think? Comments welcomed.

I think Terry O. is correct. Look at how similar the coastline of Egypt and the Middle East resembles the carving.

This is where the "ancients came from anyway. Right?


If you have ever had the pleasure of witnessing the Pachavu ceremony at Hopi, it will give you a first hand account of their migration to the present Americas, even todays' contemporary hopi doesn't understand this ceremony due to it assimilation and acculturation process and regard it as a mere entertainment....the more annimated ritual is still preformed at the Villiage of the Reeds and the Original ceremony at Oraivi (Oria)has been set aside....The Stone Tablet were kept in village of Oraive till they mysteriously began to dissappear but will reappear only when Mankind is to change.

seckawesiewma, a hopi

I don't think you can look at the sacred tablets from a Biblical point of view. I feel that is the problem with interpretations. We use our filter to make judgments and they may not be helpful or correct.

thank you
MorningStar Black

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