Temples of the African Gods

My new book "Temples Of The African Gods" is now in print and will be available in South Africa, UK and USA from about Feb 2010. It is a follow on to It deals extensively with the ancient stone ruins, their link to Adam's Calendar (Enki's Calendar), the ancient roads, terraces, ancient mines, and what we now call the FIRST PEOPLE who lived on Earth. It presents evidence that this was the first civilisation, from where the Sumerians and Egyptians got most of their knowledge and symbolism.

It is the first ever scientific look at the ancient ruins of southern Africa, and presents groundbreaking new information. It is a real privilege being able to work on these ruins and being able to walk through thousands of them in the mountains of South Africa. We reach some startling conclusions about who these ancient people were, what they did, how they did it and why they disappeared. What is most fascinating about this new discovery is that for the first time we can pull together the different strands of disjointed knowledge, from religious, esoteric, and historic circles and fit them together. It is astonishing how the dark mysterious past suddenly makes a lot more sense.

We are about to start numerous scientific experiments at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to get more accurate dating on many of the artefacts, predominantly, stone tools. I see this only as the humble beginning, as we hope to launch several archaeological digs, and invite international experts to get involved. Please support the MaKomati foundation (www.makomati.com ) to help us protect and preserve some of the more important ruins and do more research. Until now, all the research has been funded by Johan Heine and myself, from the sales of my previous books, Slave Species of god and Adam's Calendar.

We urge international donor organisations with an interest in ancient history to get involved and help speed up the research.

Michael Tellinger

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