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Subject: CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO: Strange object

I had to go outside to move my Bonsai tree's to a location that they would not be damaged by tommorrow's wind. When I went outside to do so, just before 11pm, I Looked up at the night sky and noticed an object to the west of my house hovering and changing color. I thought it strange and thought I would run inside my house and grab my camera with my long 400mm-800mm len's and my tripod to view this object better. I ran back outside and set up my camera, the object remained in the same place for some 7-8 minutes without any movement or sound. I took 1 photo of it in this position( See photo titled UFO photo #1 )., then the object seemed to rotate around , as if it were going to move in another direction, I took 1 more photo ( see photo titled: UFO turned #2 ) , as I backed off my camera len's to get a longer/wider view, the object took off south in direction at an alarming speed, I managed to snap the last photo as it left ( see photo titled: UFO leaving ) These photo's were long exposure's because of the low light condition's which saturated the colors more than normal but they are suprisingly clear and you can see distant star's in the background's with NO motion blur. I live 8 mile's from a Air Force military installation, so this object could be a black op's project but from the photo's and the speed involved in my sighting I can easily say , it is like nothing I've ever seen..Really a strange night, but also exhilerating.

Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON N.J.

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