A Mysterious and Curious Sword
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Subject : Unknown language carved on an old sword.

I ran across your info on the web while I was researching this old blade. Nobody I have contacted world wide can tell me what language it is, origin or period. Can you help or suggest someone who can? Here are the pics I have.
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Could more details surrounding the sword be provided ?

Country of origin

Metal composition

Details on sword


it comes form the inhabitats of this land when they came across the sea from isreal, it is writen in acient text that was simialr to the egyptians but was changed thorugh the times, he proably found it in his back yard and was he is proably in the east when the lamanites and the nephites had there last battles there was a great call for the nephites to gather and they did so in the east, since most scholars dont beileve in this people they dont know of its language, b ut read the book of mormon and you will find out more about the native's of this land and why they changed there writen text from egyptian,

This is yet another Mormon fabrication. the metal is hardly aged, and the sword is very poorly forged. Typical of Mormons trying to bring in false evidence to support their fairytale. the language is gibberish, bearing no resemblance to Egyptian hieroglyphics or any of its derivatives. the style is of much later European design, more like around the middle ages rather than ancient history, no Egyptian or Jew ever carried a sword like this. many such ridiculous fabrications have been "discovered" throughout the country, but i have to give it to them this looks like a step forward from the really shoddy flat lead outlines of weapons carved with dinosaurs. Once again to make this entirely clear, that hunk of metal in the pictures is a fake! I mean look at it, there is not even any rust, what a poor job of fabricating artifacts, someone with no knowledge of history or swordsmithing created this within the last 50 years.


Indeed, before I even read the comments below the pictures of the "curious sword" i was about to recommend it was composed of rather *new* tin or aluminum. If it *were* an artifact, it would have to be a ceremonial sword at that. It appears to be in the realm of 36" in length, with a tang of a mere 4 inches? You have to be kidding me!

This former metalworker concurs. *FAKE*

Now the mormons are a story for another day.


From : Mikhail Reiffel

This is a "LATE" comment... The Tang is short; but rusted, while the blade has been "Cleaned-UP"... Probably a totem or Iconic Item, since as previously stated, the "Tang" was "Short" there would not have been much support for a "Combat Hold"... The symbols look like "Runes" and the sword looks like a "Viking" model 600-800AD as they had rather long flat blades and little hilt or hand area... But the "Blood Groove" is replaced with the "Runes", SOOO if authentic probably a ceremonial or totem item!


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