How it might happen...

By Dan Eden

I've witten lots about 2012, the Mayan Calendar and the special alignments that will cause changes to the Sun and Earth. I often get e-mails from people asking where they should be to survive on that auspicious day: December 21, 2012. Sadly, the truth is that things will get very bad long before that date. Just look around at the world today. It's already happening.

While the "doomsday" of Biblical proportions is still in the near future, and largely unknown, the decline of human civilization is slowly but surely going on all around us. Many of us, who have become aware of what is happening, take notice of a special computer program that has been able to successfully predict the future. It's called the "web bot" and was developed by Cliff High.

There is an article all about the program, how it works etc., on viewzone, so I will leave it to you to read more about it. It's been used by stock brokers and money managers as well as the military because of its remarkable ability to predict the future, based on a linguistic analysis of content on the internet. Cliff lets the computer program explore millions of links and issues reports every few months. At least he used to do that.

The interesting thing is that there were rumors that Cliff would produce no additional reports after the one written in early 2010 because, well, the predictions were so bad. Some blogs reported that Cliff had taken off with his family to a safe place. Others had him in a deep depression somewhere. But he recently came back on line and issued a new report. You can find it at

His latest report fascinated me as it included several scenarios, based on the data from his program, that meshed well with current events. It covers the remaining part of 2010 and into early 2011. It's not quite up to the "doomsday" of 2012 yet, but it shows how things have already started to unravel. I thought it was important enough to give you a synopsis of events -- what I am calling "scenarios of a catastrophe." But I strongly advise you to get the source material on his web site.

In his previous predictions, Cliff noted that there would be a dark and poisonous cloud that would dramatically change the world for the worse. He linked this cloud to the word "mistake" but thought it might be related to an Israeli attack on Iran, releasing some toxic cloud. Well, it wasn't an Israeli mistake after all [above, right] but a cloud of a different sort [above, left], nevertheless a big "mistake."

So, here are some of the most interesting scenarios supported by the web bot data. I've used some of Cliff's data to paint a more visual picture of the events. I don't think I have wandered too far off from what he reports. Anyway, here goes:

Scenario #1

The summer of 2010 opens with the crash of the derivatives market. The value of the dollar drops and many people are caught off guard. Suddenly, the cash that they have had in savings, as well as their earnings, buys much less than before. Most effected is food, which suddenly becomes the most expensive item in the family budget.

The War in Afghanistan winds down as America realizes both the futility and failure of their operation there. There is much concern over the quality of soldiers, their morale and morality, and the readiness of the military as a whole to respond to any real threat to America.

The "oil volcano" continues to leak massive amounts in to the Gulf of Mexico. People get ill from both the oil and the chemicals used to treat it and there is a growing revolt against BP as they delay their claims and break their promises to compensate the people for their economic and environmental damages.

In mid-July there are crises in the former Eastern Block of Europe because of severe food shortages. There are riots with "blood in the streets" almost daily. The violence begins here and starts to spread to Europe as a whole. There are austerity measures instituted in many countries along with restrictions on travel and commerce. These events give birth to many revolutionary movements which will later cause great conflicts in Europe -- both inside their nation or origin and against the European Union. Many people demand the disolution of the EU and the economy of Europe is what can only be called "anarchy."

Towards the end of the summer the problems with the US dollar result in a total collapse of global currency (i.e. "paper money") and those who have bought gold as a hedge on this situation discover it is virtually useless when trying to buy necessities such as food and supplies. When it is used, it is discounted so much that it is considered more an annoyance than a smart investment. The inconvenience of gold makes its market value drop to all time lows.

The U.S. Government pretty much admits the financial collapse and announces that it can not back the issuance of checks, meaning disability, unemployment and salary checks are stopped. Instead, beneficiaries are issued promisary coupons or "goverment coupons" -- this causes many government employees to refuse to work and the infrastructure of services is in chaos.

Riots break out in American cities. Many former government workers, as they are now not on the payroll, reveal certain pracrices on the government that cause outrage in the population, culminating in acts of violence. Like in Europe, a "Population Liberation Movement" gains popularity and opposed the government. The government tries to contain these acts of violence but tensions escalate and there are four days of war in the streets, with many casualties. On the fifth day, an anti-government militia group attacks and kills a group of very prominent and powerful people and declare "victory for the people." Eventually an anti-establishment movement of a global proportion breaks out all over the earth.

Several massive earthquakes happen around the globe. One in the Gulf of Mexico eventually stops the leaking oil, but not until March 2012.

Unrest and the lack of central control in many governments causes war and anarchy to spread across the planet. Casualties from the violence, plus starvation, plus the poisons in the environment cause over a billion people to die.

Scenario #2

As the summer begins, Israel attacks Iran in July 2010. The Isrealis believe that the U.S. is getting weak and they want to bring America in to the conflict while she is still strong. While they inflict much damage on Iran, Iran retaliates and destroys many U.S. installations in neighboring Iraq. The attack somehow releases radiation in Israeli cities, making Tel Aviv and other populated spots uninhabitable. Reports emerge that the Israelis had stored nuclear material at a secret site which was subsequently destroyed by a suicide bomber, creating a "dirty bomb" that spreads radiation everywhere. Other clouds of radiation move around the globe, threatening populations and causing a humanitarian crisis.

In addition to the radioactive clouds, people must continue to cope with the oil leaking in the Gulf of Mexico and the ash clouds from several active volcanoes.

President Obama resists getting involved in the Isreali war because of pressure from both China and Russia -- as well as some information he has become aware of since assuming the presidency. As a result, Israel is defeated and, in desperation, attempts a "false flag" attack in Iraq to once again try to draw the US in to the conflict. But they are not unsuccessful. In August, Obama addresses the nation and reveals the influence that Zionism has had on American domestic politics and reveals other evil acts that they have conducted against the American public over the past years.

There are four days of violence as Zionists, disguised as a populist domestic movement, try to pull off a coup against Obama and the government. This is put down on the fifth day and there is a backlash against Zionists. Eventually there are hearings where the Zionists are exposed and put on trial. A group of Jewish women leave the temples and attempt to reform the faith.

An earthquake seals the oil leak but not before it causes many deaths from environmental pollution and poisoning of the crops from toxic rains, brought about by the chemicals used to disperse the oil. Also, volcanoes in various parts of the world -- Iceland in particular -- have caused crop failures and famine, resulting in the outbreak of disease.

In the end, over a billion people die from war and environmental catastrophes.

Scenarion #3

The summer of 2010 begins with a global currency collapse, followed by deflation. The value of a dollar is so low that many people begin using barter as a means to exchange goods and services. Especially difficult are the high prices for food, energy and metals.

New violence in Iraq and Afghanistan causes America to realize that their efforts to stabilize the regions are a failure. This admission becomes a sign of failure in the eyes of the rest of the world and America is seen as weak. This demoralizes the people and causes a crisis with the Obama presidency.

Efforts to stop the oil from leaking in to the Gulf of Mexico continue to fail. Even the "sure fix" has problems and doesn't work. As early as July, the blow out valve is found to have corroded inside and fails, revealing the true amount of oil and pressure in the well. The public then becomes aware of the potential destruction that this may cause to the entire planet. Many people panic. The oil begins to circulate through the Alantic currents to other countries while the chemical used to dispurse the oil begin to take their toll on human and wild life, as well as on vegetation in the form of toxic rain.

In this scenario, the "Twelve Days of Torment" of Obama are over his decision to stop the leak by dramatic means. Obama consults with military leaders and decides that nuclear weapons will be used to fuse the ocean floor and stop the flow of oil. He knows this is the worse of the worse options, but there seems no other solution. The media will attempt to reduce public fears by calling it the "closing mechanism."

Over the summer, more drilling is conducted around the now "oil volcano" and nuclear devices are placed in the holes. There are many scientists who protest, warning of such things as radioactive water, fallout and damage to the fragile Madrid Tectonic Plate. All oil pumping on the planet is shut down temporarily. There is a huge "diaspora" as residents along the southern states, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Central America migrate away from the Gulf of Mexico by the millions, fearing fallout from the nuclear detonations. There is great concern that some are too poor to move. Rumors of a nuclear explosion cause extreme fear as people try to leave uncontrollably and by any means. This creates panic situations throughout the rest of the United States as people, fearing for their lives, head North, placing a burdon on the already impoverished citizens.

The "oil volcano" impacts the British royalty when it is rumored that BP is "Crown" corporation (i.e. the Queen of England). There is growing hostility towards the Royals. Extreme anger is directed towards BP but is somewhat muted by the preoccupation of survival and the fears of people who have been directly impacted by the disaster.

Millions begin to die from the toxic effects of the oil and dispersant chemicals, adding to the drama.

The president holds out until November. The nuclear device (i.e. "closing mechanism") is eventually detonated and causes a series of earthquakes and crustal shifting that last for four days. People all wait anxiously to hear the results. Eventually it is determined that the oil leak has been successfully closed and there is a huge celebration in January 2011 in honor of this event. Certain military individuals, some severely disabled, who helped make this happen are honored in a special ceremony.

Investigations of BP have been going on for months prior to stopping the oil leak. Once the leak is sealed, the population moves back to their homes and tries to restart their lives. BP officials are tacked down and "re-educated" or executed for their crimes.

Meanwhile, the collapse of currency in Europe has resulted in riots and starvation, similar to what was seen in the World Wars. Many thousands -- hundreds of thousands -- have died. The governments of Europe have been attacked by many armed political movements and it is doubtful that the European Union will continue to exist.

Along with the deaths associated with the oil, environmental toxins and the diaspora, over a billion people are dead.

What happens next?

I recently came across some material about the phenomenon called Remote Viewing. It will be the subject of my next article, but some things I researched are applicable to the web bot and the predictions I have enumerated above.

Remote Viewing is a psychic ability that some people have (or, if you believe researchers, everyone has) where a person can "see" future events. The problem is that some people are extremely accurate sometimes, but not accurate at other times. Since science is based on statistical analysis, this has sullied the acceptance of the phenomenon by the scientific community. But that may change with a new discovery.

In remote viewing there are three events that take place: the Remote Viewing Attempt (RVA), the target event (TE)-- the thing the RV person is trying to "see" -- and the Task Assignment (TA) -- where some person gives the assignment of what the RV should look for.

When viewing a future event, traditional sessions were of the order TA - RVA - TE. But these didn't always result in good predictions. So some researchers tried a different order of RVA - TE - TA.

In the latter, the Remote Viewer is still attempting to predict a future event, but the person assigning the task does it after the Remote Viewer has made the prediction and after the actual target event. The person assigning the event looks at some events that have already happened, say in the past month, and selects one and writes it down on a paper and puts it in a safe. Meanwhile, months before this -- and before the target event has happened -- the Remote Viewer is asked to "see" what the assignment is and describe it.

This second method has been shown to be extremely accurate. But why?

The theory is that we live in multiple universes or multiple futures. In order to "see" the future accurately there must be a "marker" event -- an attractor of sorts -- to pull us in to certain threads of possibilities. Since the target event was chosen in the future, the unique future where the event happened has been established. It can therefore be predicted.

I know. It gets confusing. But it does relate to the scenarios I have described and which are revealed in the web bot. It explains why they are so different, yet have the same outcome. They are just different possible futures that we may experience.

But what about the "marker"? Is the Mayan Calendar a marker of a unique future? Is our pre-occupation with "doomsday" somehow able to influence which future reality we will experience? Can we change the future by visualization?

These are heavy thoughts. The human mind seems capable of projecting realities by meditation and concentration. Perhaps we should be careful what we think.


Dan, there is already an underground, metal based economy. I deal in it daily. I make my entire living from metals. I haven't been paid for my services in FRNs in many years. I do not use banks, and only use FRNs (which are simply coupons to me) to deal with (as you say) supermarkets, etc..

However, these folks (McDonald's, Ace Hardware, etc..) are already handling large amounts of metal (albeit token) coins every day. I see no reason to doubt that the economy could (and would) adapt very quickly to the actual metallic value of the coins, and simply move on from there.

Banks would be happy to hold your gold in their vaults, and issue checks and other forms of paper and plastic value for travelers, payment of distant debts, and the like... After all, it's how they originally came into being. And that is the actual bedrock and foundation of (legitimate) banking.

It all comes down to two things; gold - and services. A lot of people have simply lost sight of this simple fact.


I have heard of Quantum Mechanics and have "Hawk's" publication here some place. I did an addition to his home in Jacksonville Or. The power of positive thinking is spoken of by the profits.I guess one could say the Mayans left the calender open so we could choose.

My opinion is with a question.Are there enough "Good men of Duty" to keep Evil from Winning.

How about door #4..Maurice Strong brokers a deal with Aliens from Planet X.....they get rid of us humans but stab Maurice in the back and use strip mining techniques and destroy the planet out right....

Once again Dan you give me a great deal to think about Thank you for your work.

Mike S.

I can find faults in these scenarios. For instance, in scenario #1, they speak of gold becoming too cumbersome. This is pretty unlikely, as gold coins come in convenient sizes to pay larger debts. And if absolutely necessary, can be cut into smaller pieces (i.e. the old "pieces of eight"). Silver, which I lump into the same category, is sized conveniently for smaller payments. It follows that most people who own gold, also own silver.

Personally, I have excellent reasons to believe all the current (wildfires, floods, earthquakes, shootings, etc..), and coming catastrophes we have yet to witness, are all engineered by the elitists who now have all the control and the technology required to do so, as a necessary prelude to their long planned "one world" government takeover. It's simple, really. They must "soften people up", change their mindset and attitudes, prepare their consciousness to accept the new paradigm. They have it all planned out, and it's a "done deal", as far as they are concerned.

The only question in my mind, is; are we all just going to stand around like a herd of dumb animals, and allow this to happen..? If so,.. well, I suppose it's all that we deserve!


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