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The mystery continues...

First, view the original story:

Mysterious 'Flying Rods' discovered in inaccessible cave in Sabah Borneo

Reported by Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

"A mysterious insect-like creature that has been captured on film in several parts of the world but never physically and also not scientifically explained because of the tremendous speed at which it travels has also been found in Sabah. Called, among others, "flying rods", "skyfish" and "solar entities", these creatures are invisible to the naked eye and can only be noticed on slow motion camera and resemble a flying centipede.

There are skeptics who still dismiss them as tricks of light or camera but other skeptics who have studied newer images of these so-called creatures have begun to acknowledge their existence although unable to pin them down as insects, a paranormal creation or even a possible alien life form.

"We are very excited with our discovery and what this means to Sabah in terms of research in the new realm of cryptozoology or even UFOlogy given that their existence has stirred so much controversy and debate worldwide," said Matthew Lazenby, an avid traveller. The Sabah discovery was made two weeks ago by this British national who has a particular interest in cave systems and was indulging in his favourite pastime while on holiday here. He and a renowned local tour guide, John Nair, decided to get deep into an inaccessible cave using a helmet-mounted camera. "We were surprised at what we found when reviewing the video," said Matthew. "We did not know they were there until we reviewed the video footage."

"For obvious reasons we will not disclose the cave's location until we have devised a sure-fire method of successfully trapping them on the next visit to this cave." He explained: "The first thing we noticed were, of course, bats. But as we slowed down the speed we noticed what seemed to be like little specks that got bigger and bigger."

"As we were going further and further into the cave, we noticed (upon slowing the film) more and more of these theoretical insects, since there is no official name given to them. We don't even know if they were an insect specie or creature of some sort that holds an element of intelligence that interacts with other entities or animal species," Matthew said. What separates the Sabah footages from those taken elsewhere are the sheer abundance. "We even have footages of bats trying to avoid colliding with these creatures. Bats are never frightened of insects."

"I have one footage of a group of them together and you can see them turning at extreme speed. They even chased a bat away. This bat was minding its own business until these rods appeared like it was terrified of them. "Also, previous footages, also using high speed cameras captured them in sparse environments. But our Sabah recordings show for the first time that these creatures have very powerful sensors that prevent them from smashing into the walls of the caves like making U-turns at the last moment. Insects can't do this," he said. "The way they move is nothing like we know in the animal or insect kingdom or even aircraft in terms of speed. It's the fastest thing you have ever seen and can turn on a dine."

NOTE: The photo with the castle in the background was taken November 2010 in Glastonbury England. UFO Casebook image.

Flying Rods are a global phnomenon


If you're outside and using a digital camera, chances are you have captured one of these odd shapes in your photographs.

Once you have seen them, they are easy to spot. Rod watchers have even found them in cinema classics, like Mel Gibson's Brave Heart... they apparently travel more than 100 miles per hour and cannot be seen with the naked eye yet show up when super-fast digital imagery is used.

Lengths can vary dramatically. Some are just a few inches long while others are several feet in length, as captured on the images. The color can vary, from green to orange, but white or semi-transparent is the most common observation. They have been seen in water as well as the air and at just about every altitude from sea level to 12,000 feet high.

Several television studios have sent teams to cover stories about the flying rods. There are many on YouTube. Mostly they are able to capture the phenomenon but are equally unable to explain what the flying objects really are.

UFO rod seen in Ontario back in '09

ONTARIO -- The witness reports: "My family owns a small island on (a) semi wilderness lake, and on June 16, 2009, Amy, my niece, awoke early to take pictures of the lake because it was so calm and a bit misty. When looking at this photo afterwards, she noticed a bright object leaving the lake and headed skyward. She did not notice anything prior to this, nor did she see the object with the naked eye. Looking at the object through the camera, and blowing it up, it appears to be rod shaped, brightly lit with colored bands around the top, a rounded gold tip, and what appears to be a possible 'vapor' trail behind it.

"There were no people or boats on the lake. The photo was taken in a northeasterly direction with a Cannon Powershot set on auto. When the rest of the family awoke, Amy showed them the picture. They were all puzzled by it, but basically blew it off. After being shown the picture myself, I felt it was worth pursuing as it appeared to be more than just a light anomaly."

(Thanks to MUFON CMS. Source: Filer's Files #28 July 4, 2009)

The view in infrared

Date of sighting: October 10, 2011
Location of sighting: Texas, USA

This report was sent into MUFON but contained no other information about it. It is a great night time photo by a game camera that uses infrared to take night shots. Even scientists use infrared to detect things the human eye cannot see. This is a great example. This is a rod and some say they are alien probes and others say they are living things that live in the upper atmosphere. Either way, they are amazing to see.

Source: MUFON

A Case for Video Artefacts: Flying Insects

The image above was sent to viewzone about twelve years ago (STORY HERE). An inventor had constructed a patented "black box" that attached to a digital video camera, allowing multiple images to be recorded on a frame of data. He sent many interesting examples of birds flying near his home.

I'm sure you will see the similarity and the very real possibility that an insect, with flapping wings, could appear like the classic "rod" shaped UFO.

The strongest argument comes from images like the one below from

rods amount by Red Aliada

The digital image manages to capture many rod shaped shapes. But among them are some common winged insects, perhaps hovering. One can almost see them transfiguring into rod shapes before the camera as they dash off in sideway vectors. Surely these are all insects. The anomaly must be in the digital process of capturing the image.

Case closed. What do you think?


Reader's Comments:

Why try to explain what it is not. I think it is an actual UFO. This is definitely a real entity and seems to fly faster than the eye can see it. It looks like an inanimate object that seems to have the capability of controlled movement. It seems that several people who have captured it on footage and film are not known by each other and have no connections to any type of influence or making any profit from it. I would call it like it is a cow is a cow a car is a car this is a UFO. I am not surprised as there may be many more of these things that we do not see maybe in front of our own homes above our heads. I would like to have some people remember the space walks and flights around Earth where astronauts have recorded very fast movement of object that seemed to have controlled flight as well. This would match this type of flight in some way.