Semen of the Father in Heaven

All of the Egyptians that had this knowledge were slaughtered, and no one was there to bring them back to life. But the Hebrews had this knowledge, and Bezaleel, the goldsmith, was commanded by Moses to prepare the "What is it?", the manna, or the "bread of the presence of God", which was another name, they knew it in old kingdom Egypt. In old kingdom Egypt they had three other names for it, it was called "the golden tear from the eye of Horus", it was called "that which issues from the mouth of the Creator", the spittle, or it was called "the semen of the Father in Heaven". And if you take the white powder gold and you mix it with water, it forms a gelatinous white suspension, that, as a farmer I can attest, it does look just like semen, which we use to, for the cattle and all. Ah, that would be a good description of it, if I was trying to convey to someone what it looks like. --David Hudson [3]

And, while I am quoting Hudson, here's how the word ORMUS got associated with the powder.

"Now if that isn't heavy enough for you, when I found out that the name for the golden tree of life was the ORME, ormus or ormes. And the name of my patent is Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. In the Book of Isaiah, it says a latter day David, a descendant of the Davidic blood line, my cousin, bless her soul joined the Mormon Church, and they had her do her genealogy, and my great-great-great grandmother, was Hanna de Guise, daughter of Christopher de Guise, brother of Charles or Claude de Guise, who if you got a copy of "Holy Blood Holy Grail" there, Charles or Claude de Guise is in the book. Nostradamus worked for the de Guise family and Nostradamus prophesied by 1999 the occult gold will be known to science. Very specific prophecy, very exact dates, very precise.  And a descendent of this family, a latter day David, is the one who's to plant the Golden Tree of Life." [3]

The late lecturer, Laurence Gardner, became one of the most visible proponents for using white powder gold as a medicinal and spiritual cure-all, capable of causing the body's DNA to self-repair and self-restore. Gardner believed that mono-atomics are capable of increasing the body's intra- and extra-cellular communications by as much as ten thousand times because of their superconductivity.

Gardner's lectures should be taken with caution. In the second video he quotes a verse from Exodus where Moses instructs his metalsmith, Bezaleel, to burn the golden calf to a "powder", mix it with water and feed it to the people. I read Exodus many times but never found any reference to this. In any case, Gardner's ideas seem to represent many believers (and consumers) of ORMUS, the white gold powder.

The Rationale of ORMUS claims

I've spent the last week reading up on the potential benefits of ingesting ORMUS. While there are no documented cases of consumers of white powder gold having reached nirvana or bi-location, the theory behind some of these physical, mental and spiritual upgrades makes me pause.

In 1996, the family of Leslie Burroughs filed a complaint against a physician who prescribed ORMUS intravenously to their daughter, resulting in her death from sepsis (a blood infection).[8] The patient was a young woman who had contracted HIV from a sperm donor in an artificial insemination procedure. She had already reached the end stages of AIDS, was in a coma, and ORMUS was considered an "extreme" but worthwhile attempt to save her. Unfortunately it was just too late for anything.

According to her physician, Dr. Payne, "Patients basically have two options when they're at the end stage of HIV disease. They can sit around and say, 'Woe is me.' Or they can say, 'Maybe there's something out there that will work for me. If it works, I'll have bought myself some time. And if it doesn't, at least I'll have added to the pool of knowledge." [Ibid.]

After reviewing the conduct of her physician, no charges were issued. The incident does highlight the problems with white powder and ORMUS. There is no guarantee of the quality, sanitation or amount of gold (or other monoatomic elements) in the end product. It's unknown territory. What research that is being done is conducted by private groups such as the Tempe, Arizona based Spirit Foundation, who were at one time associated with Hudson's ORMES, Ltd.

  • Physical Benefits: ORMUS, white powder mono-atoms, are electron neutral and will not react with any other atoms. As such, they do not break down in digestion and should pose no risk of toxicity, as with normal metals. It is believed that if fast-spin nuclei in these atoms is in proximity to a DNA molecule, the field surrounding the mono-atoms will influence the DNA molecule to "relax" and repair itself. There is some research that suggests this may be possible but so far it is only theoretical.

    The superconducting abilities of ORMUS have suggested to some scientists that communication within the cell, and between cells, could be enhanced by the incorporation of these atoms in our cellular material. This is even more in the spotlight these days after revelations that superconducting light is indeed involved in cell metabolism and DNA replication. [see viewzone article on this topic].

  • Spiritual Benefits: ORMUS, as a superconductor, is believed to exist partially in another dimension. One theory holds that the deformed nuclei of ORMUS requires that the protons move at a velocity greater than the speed of light in order to maintain their synchronized "dance" with the universe.[7] This is thought to explain the mysterious disappearance of 5/9 of the weight of the powder during its production. Physicists note that when the white powder is reconverted to its original state, the weight unexpectedly returns!

    In theory, anything faster than the speed of light is beyond our dimensional reality and, indeed, exists in the next (fifth) dimension. So by taking ORMUS regularly one gradually replaces their fourth dimension body with a fifth dimension one -- a body of superconducting light. Again, there is no evidence to support this other than theory. These claims are made more appealing by Sumerian, Egyptian and ancient Alchemy texts supporting the claim that white powder gold allows one to transcend this reality.

  • Mental Benefits: ORMUS proponents like to claim that Hudson found from 5% to 10% of monoatomic rhodium and iridium in the non-organic composition of pigs and calves brains. This seems to suggest that its role in the nervous system is critical. Although no human brain studies have been published, it is suggested that if superconducting atoms were integrated in the various regions of our brain, we should then be able to "link up" with other brains by utilizing the Meissner fields. In effect, it might be theoretically possible for the brains to share information and thoughts, like some mental network.

    Then there is the strange phenomenon of mono-atomic fast-spin nuclei, that all seemed to be coordinated, as if they too belong to a greater, universal field. Is this universal field intelligent? If so, we could possibly "link up" with it. The possibilities are endless.

Caveat Emptor

Please don't go out and buy white powder gold. The research just isn't to the point where the benefits -- or danger -- are fully understood. In fact some shaman and spiritual advisors are saying that the ORMUS does work but that it is a dangerous tool for the unexperienced and uninitiated to experiment with.

White Owl, a Native American shaman, had this warning:

"The experiences and information that come through on a native American spiritual level are not manipulated or artificial experiences and the information that comes through is in a pure form. The information that comes through by use of this monoatomic gold is somewhat manipulated and artificial. Think of it as a vibration of sorts. For example, the beings that operate on this vibration can only be "seen" or "heard" by us when taking this monoatomic gold. Otherwise, they are largely invisible.

It's like getting an extra channel on your TV when they are able to reach you. While they would like to think they have transcended on a spiritual level, they seem to be trapped and unable to move out of the dimension they are currently in, except through contact with us humans and only by bringing us to their "Vibration". Whether this is mind control or manipulation is unknown.

I felt as though one dream in particular was an attempt to influence me and I was actually threatened with a particular punishment if I did not follow through with it. Why they would bother to threaten me is not logical because there "attempt" to influence me to do something, was actually a noble and kind act, so it did not make sense to threaten me as it was not something I would object to anyway. I believe this was an "Experiment" by them to see if they could influence me or trick me in to doing there bidding. They might also mistakenly believe that by getting humans to create good Karma, it will reward them with spiritual overspill or reward.

This brings to my mind that perhaps these beings are only able to "Live" and "Direct" or "Influence" through us physical beings, but they have no control whatsoever on the physical plane because they are not on, nor in it."


Some questions keep coming up in e-mails so I will try to answer them as best I can.

Q: Where do mono-atomic atoms come from?

Since mono-atomic atoms are not interested in forming bonds with other atoms, it is likely that they have been in their isolated state for a long time. Some have proposed that they are manufactured naturally in the center of stars where high temperatures can disintegrate molecular bonds. Others think that they were made when the universe began -- perhaps with the Big Bang. It has even been proposed that mono-atomic elements make up the elusive "dark matter". In astrophysics and cosmology, dark matter is matter of unknown composition that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be observed directly, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter.

David Hudson did not create mono-atomic atoms, his patents were for the separation and refinement of the elements already in his soil. Hudson had as much as 13% mono-atomic elements in his soil samples.

The oceans are a rich source of mono-atomic elements and this is perhaps the most efficient source from which to extract them. They are also concentrated in certain plants and vegetables.

Q: Did ORMUS really levitate? Did the sample Hudson tested really weigh 300 times the original sample weight when it was heated?

Actually, yes and no. Hudson learned that his sample was a high temperature semiconductor that was reacting to small electromagnetic fields in the heating element of the testing apparatus as well as the earth's magnetic field. The fluctuations were likely due to small movements of the testing platform while the sample was levitating. Also, the material did lose 5/9 of its original weight when it formed the white powder. Hudson claims that when the white powder is reconstituted (somehow) back to gold it regains all the weight (somehow).

Q: Why isn't there any current research being done on this?

The research is hard to find at first. They don't call it ORME or ORMUS. Look insteal for nano-, m-state, fast-spin nuclei, hyperdeformed nuclei... it's there. But clandestine.

Where's Hudson today?

There are dozens of websites selling ORMUS and white powder gold to well-meaning customers, trying to escape ill health or death, or thinking that they will transcend this reality to a better one. Meanwhile David Hudson has declared that he is through with ORMUS and he has pretty much disappeared from the scene. Some years ago he suffered a heart attack, at which time he was questioned about taking ORMUS to improve his health. Hudson surprised many believers when he admitted that he did not take ORMUS himself. [right: Hudson giving lecture in 1995]

David Hudson's US patents were not processed. Hudson claimed that this was because of the strategic value our government placed on these "secrets". However, the same patents have been filed by him in many other countries. Hudson "owns" the methods for producing 12 mono-atomic elements. It seems a shame that the only publicized application of this technology has been as a medicine. Surely the levitation, superconducting and superfluid properties of this new state of matter can have some energy application... Am I being too practical?

It's a strange world. Yes?


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Here's your missing verse:

Exodus 32:20

And he took the calf which they had made, and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and strawed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel drink of it.

Carl N.

When they are asked for a professional research paper to back their claims that ORMUS can alter DNA, believers in the spiritual qualities of mono-atomic elements point to the following article:

Covalent Attachment of Gold Nanoparticles to DNA Templates
The ability to assemble nanoparticles into arrays, networks, and circuits in a precise and controlled manner is key to the fabrication of a variety of nanodevices. Networks of nanometer-sized metal or semiconductor islands, or quantum dots, may exhibit a variety of quantum phenomena, with applications in optical devices, nanometer-sized sensors, advanced computer architectures, ultra dense memories, and quantum-information science and technology. The challenge is that fabrication with nanoscale precision of nanoparticle arrays in a time and cost effective manner remains a formidable task. Interest in the concept of self-assembled nanostructures led to the idea of using DNA as a scaffold or template for the programmed assembly of nanoscale arrays. DNA can be modified with functional groups at predetermined sites to allow for the attachment of other molecules in a specific manner. We have designed and demonstrated a new approach for binding nanoparticles to DNA. Functionalized nanoparticles are covalently bound to internal, chemically modified bases on double-stranded DNA without the presence of destabilizing "nicks" along the DNA backbone. In addition, we report an approach for thiolating one end of the DNA/nanoparticle product and attaching it to a gold surface. The ability to attach one or both ends of the DNA/gold complex, after generation of the desired pattern, to fixed contacts or electrodes is necessary for nanodevices fabrication. [10]

Please note that contrary to this research being for the improvement of the DNA molecule, it was describing a way to use a DNA molecule as an electrical structure for some electrical circuit type application -- in essence to exploit a DNA molecule for its shape. An odd twist, as are many things in this white powder gold.

Also, the bonding of gold nanoparticles to DNA has NOTHING to do with monoatomic gold. Nanoparticles are very large atomic clusters having nothing to do with properties of high spinning single gold atoms.


This was an informative article, Dan. It has some very interesting synchronicities and possibilities. This much I know: everything is not for every body, and indeed, in rare instances there are some things that are for one body only, which, upon some manner of “collision” between said bodies, are able somehow to release what could be called alchemical reactions based upon uniqueness that may produce a transcendental event or character. For instance, one may see a particular thing dozens or even thousands of times over the course of one’s life and never really “see” it, if you know what I mean. Then, in a moment, when everything is aligned just perfectly, one sees that same thing just one more time and a big “AHA!” happens. Suddenly, one is really seeing said thing for the first time. It has happened to me, surely it has happened to just about everybody in one way or other. Since it has happened to me at the deepest levels of my existence, I am aware that any transcendental “AHA!'” moment requires very exacting and perfect chemical balances that all manner of internal/external stimuli may concoct in concert with one’s inner consciousness. Call them alchemical balances if you’d like, as this is what they are. Thus it could be in the case of ORME/ORMUS. While I don't intend to run out and buy any right away to see if I may be that "just right" person(s) or body(ies) to "collide" with the atomic makeup of ORME/ORMUS by ingesting it, there may be folks, whose bodies are configured exactly right as a result of life experiences that shaped "just right" bodily configurations/consciousness, that are benefitting from ingesting it. It could be that you are that "just right" person or one of them. You couldn't know until you worked with it. I'm not suggesting that you run out and by any of the stuff, either, I am just pointing out how I have discovered uniqueness and the manner of its interactions/reactions are.

I think I can say that every particle in the universe is absolutely unique even when compared with other particles that appear outwardly to be the same. While there are basic, generic qualities to properties that are apparently alike, such as any in the Periodic Table of Elements, or at levels of existence within the masses of teeming human animals, every particle and every body is not only like the others of its kind, but is absolutely unique and different from the others, a property which is based upon various unique interactions that shaped the particle/body in question. No individual particle is shaped in exactly the same way as any other, even though it may exist among trillions of apparently identical particles, such as hydrogen atoms, for instance, or human beings.

I hope the above is not too obscure, but I pointed it out mainly to say that ORME/ORMUS may not be for everybody, but there may be one body somewhere that it was made for. Wouldn’t it be nice to discover yourself to be that body?


Here's some science:

"Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley laboratory have been finding that rapidly spinning nuclei with different masses have similar, if not exactly the same, moments of inertia. 'Something is going on,' said Frank F. Stephens, a physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley lab, 'and for reasons we don't understand yet.'"

"A spinning nucleus results from an off-center collision between two nuclei that fuse to form a rapidly spinning, elongated body. "The deformed nucleus can take the shape of an American football, a doorknob, or possibly even a banana depending on the collision energy in the nuclei. In a typically deformed nucleus the long axis exceeds the two short axis by about a factor of 1.3. It is in these superdeformed nuclei that curious goings on have taken place. The surprise: the spectra of some different superdeformed nuclei were almost identical." -- Scientific American, October 1991; Philip Yam, p. 26


Hello Gary (Dan).

John Walliser here, I don't know if you remembered a previous letter that I sent...I believe that I mentioned to you my own colloidial silver process where I was using ultra sonics to put high spin in silver nucleui.

By the way I had a lovely time a few weeks ago down in Kempton Illinois. David Hatcher Childress had a small seminar in Kempton, where he lives and there were several speakers for our small group including one of my favorite writers Chris Dunn, who wrote Giza Power Plant. David might have another get together next year if you are interested.

I was writing in response to your article on white powder gold. I first started exploring this material over ten years ago. At that time I began an E-mail correspondance with Matt Pitkaenon, a theoretical physicist at the University of Helsinki. He wrote a doctoral paper many years before explaining mathematically many of the properties that became attributed to ORMEs.

When that outer electron orbit becomes filled and additional energy is added..the electrons bind with the mesons in the nucleus thru a quantum particle called a phonon. This forms a Cooper Pair and explains the quantum effects of the high spin nucleus. Differen atoms in the platinum group will form different shapes depending on the neutron alignment predicted by Doctor Moon from the University of Chicago in his theory of the structure of the atom.

If enough energy is imparted to the nucleus creating more spin it will separate into two atoms (fission).

Ormus should not be ingested. In a true ormus state the atom will not react with normal matter...but much of the material is in an M state where it is only partially monoatomic, which allows it to interact with normal matter. The kidneys are unable to process the small atomic clusters of this material in an M state.

The material that David Hudson found in Pig's brains was high spin iridium. If you've ever read Roger Penrose on microtubules and consciousness... you would have made the association with quantum effects and consciousness. Isn't it curious that iridium is found in great quantities in the layer of earth from 65 million years ago as a result of the alleged meteor strike that killed the dinosaurs. Where does the high spin iridium in our brains come from????

By the way the greatest source of natural ORME's comes from the juice of the aloe grown in the same type of soil in the Southwest that David Hudson was exploring. Other good sources are grapes grown in regions that are near gold mines like South Africa or Chili... my favorite wines.There is also a good recipe out there on the net for extracting ormes from sea salt. This is being used in horticulture with great success.


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