by Juan von Trillion for viewzone (©2014)


f you come to this website often then you are a curious person.
In the sense that you have maintained your curiosity about the world at large, despite the indoctrination you went through in order to have a screen and reading this.

But you might also be curious as a human, as such, in the sense that you are different from the vast majority. This might be your own impression (don't worry about it too much) or an actual fact.

There are neophile people and there are neophobe people. The latter could be called shpeople.

You are one of the former. The vast majority belongs to the latter, and they don't like new things. They are afraid of them. But you are a neophile, you like and you search for new things. If the new things you find screw over old concepts, well, too bad. No pain no gain, and no progress. And we need some progress.


Most people don't seem to be curious about the big picture. That's one of the reasons why there are only very few Nicola Tesla or Leonardo daVinci or [insert your favorite all-around genius, visionary, etc.] in the known history of men and women.

The neophobes are often irritated by people who are really curious and who want and need the truth, wherever it leads. No matter the consequences. That's real curiosity. It is dangerous for the sleeping majority. Actually, the sleeping majority is dangerous to your health if you are a born neophile. Hello, nice meeting you.

Wanted: Big Picture

So, once you have waded through some of the fairly depressing facts which affect your life on Earth and that of the whole rest of beings, including animals and plants, you must be trying to establish some sort of big picture. Some framework which you can comprehend and grok where all these facts fit together somehow. Because if they are contradictory, then the big picture is erroneous or incomplete or some of the facts are not accurate.

We ultimately must have some sort of big picture about where we come from. Let's leave out the "who we are" and "where are we going".

You have to pretty much choose between two basic scenarios: you come from a more primitive ape which aspired to more and, with the help of random genetic mutations, after a couple of million of years, ended up as a stockbroker wearing a three-piece suit. Or whatever.

And the other choice is that some superior instance, entity, creator, spirit, God, you name it, created you from something. Perhaps from an ape, perhaps from a rib, who knows. But you and your fellow humans and the animals and plants are some sort of divine intervention. Otherwise this place would be just a cold rock in space, or not even be here at all.

If you are somewhat inclined towards the second camp, then things are much more complicated than for those who believe (they don't know it as a fact) that NATURE DID IT. These people follow the church, uhm, strike that, the scientific dogma that everything can be explained by the actions of random mutations and by certain ever-changing models about the cosmos as such.

They don't admit that they are working with hypotheses which turn out to be wrong every so often. Science is a long string of corrections which are tried to be passed along as "evolution" in science. It never ends.

If you think that there is something much more intentional behind creation, you get a zoo of possibilites about the culprit of this apparent miracle. God, singular, often masculine for some reason, with hundreds of names.

Or: The Gods, where an entire book would be needed to list them as they were reported and worshipped by your ancestors and the ancestors of other people living in other times.

Or: Aliens, not gods because someone else made them, they are just so "advanced" that we think of them like a cow who sees for the first time in its life a human, and he's riding on a Harley-Davidson at full speed listening to "Born to be Wild" at full volume. Or something like that.

We can't really put our finger on it, but these entities seem to be pretty funny as to who they are and, unfortunately, might be pretty dangerous to us, depending on which one you are referring to. We don't know for sure which one is good and which one is bad, to simplify things a little. And they probably wouldn't tell us. A farmer doesn't sit down with a newborn calf and tells it where it came from or where it's going.

Contacting the Management

You are invited to contribute with your thoughts and suggestions to the following letter which is addressed to all of those entities who seem to be out there. They will know if they are being addressed. The recipient is self-selecting. It's an anonymous letter written to an anonymous recipient. How about that for a change.

It could be read by the gods (some of them), or the one god, it could be read by a Tall White in his underground base in Nevada while looking for some interesting stuff on the human web. Who knows. The idea is to put it out there. Prayers to the god or the gods do this all the time, so that is taken care of.

Here is a formal letter. Read it and send your ideas and suggestions.

Don't get hung up with the god thing, there are so many already taking care of that. This is essentially about your opportunity to say what you would say when you are addressing some entity which has the power and the inclination to fix things on this planet. Fix them so they work better than they do now, where we are being crashed into a wall which seems to be pretty close. If you don't have this impression then you are not curious about this world.

So, here goes. Don't forget to send your own comments to "management"...