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2-20-10 FALL RIVER MASSACHUSETTS At 9:39am, my toddler son and I were walking on the boardwalk at Fall River Heritage State park, the witness stated. We saw a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter fly directly overhead, very low to the ground, along the edge of the Taunton River, heading North. My son loves helicopters, so I took my digital camera out and started photographing it.

As I was shooting photos, the helicopter turned West and accelerated quickly across the river towards Somerset. I saw an object in the distance, moving at a steady speed, in a northbound direction. One of my photos captured this object. When I first noticed it, I thought it was just a plane departing from the TF Green Airport, in Providence Rhode Island. The object continued to fly in a northerly direction until it was out of sight pass the treeline along the river.

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Tracy, California


Tracy, California


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Planet Mercury




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USAF Prototype


Kaufman, Texas

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