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I posted a sighting earlier but now have more time and better perspective to describe what my mother, my skeptic friend and I saw last evening. My friend is convinced there must be a reasonable, logical (simplest answer is most likely) explaination for what happened. I and my mother on the other hand are not quite sure. My mother noted the exact time, but I'd say it was shortly after 8:00 pm on 8/20/2010 that we saw something utterly incredible that lasted well over an hour. Initially I had gone outside to have a cigarette in anticipation of my friends arrival. Upon lighting my cigarette I noticed a faint light that seemed to streak across the sky. As an avid skywatcher I'm very familiar with the goings on in the night sky, especially in the tri-state area. The rear of my house (the deck) faces the West. Newark airport is to my South and other major tri-state area airports are obviously toward my East. What we saw however, has nothing to do with planes. After first seeing this faint light I was slightly perplexed. All of a sudden multiple lights began to appear and reappear all over the western sky above the treeline and "houseline" behind my house. I'd say over the course of the sighting there were anywhere from 6-12 seperate lights. These lights, although a significant distance away, were something that shocked me. I had never seen anything like them. Planes were traveling across the sky. In contrast to these planes, the objects were moving at incredible speeds...speeds that, as far as I know, are inhumanly possible. I'd estimate THOUSANDS of miles per hour. I can estimate these incredible speeds due to the known limited speed of commercial airliners. Furthermore, these objects were moving in MANY different directions. I mean right angles, reversing direction "on a dime", vertically, horizontally, etc. during a sparing few instances these white lights would seemingly flash a red or orange hue as well. I would describe their movements; as if in a dogfight seemingly interacting with eachother at times. Mind you, all the while planes are traveling through the sky. This activity lasted for over an hour and probably significantly longer, but I had left to meet with friends at a local bar. I can say with complete and utter confidence that these lights were NOT; planes, helicopters, blimps (they move WAY too slowly and most likely don't travel at night as far as I know), spotlights,drones, flares, or any other craft civlian or military that I have EVER seen, read about or heard of in any capacity whatsoever. I can say this due to the astonishing capabilities these possible "craft" displayed. In addition, these lights disappeared and reappeared during their amazing acrobatics. I mean they were there and then not and then there again...all over the sky traveling multiple directions, at times crossing paths and seemingly chasing each other. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. I am still in a state of awe and would love to hear if anyone else has any information on this. I know MUFON follows up on reports and I highly suggest calling tri-state area airports and/or FAA officials (as well as local military bases) for reports made by personell and airline pilots between the hours of 7pm-11pm. something strange was definitely occuring last night and SOMEONE else MUST have reported this event, seeing as how it was not very latein the evening . Please get back to me about any information you obtain. I am very curious about what my mother and I witnessed. As far as photographs are concerned, I do have HD photos that show some strange "streaks" when fully zoomed in. My photos were taken with a canon Rebel T1I EOS digital camera. Unfortunately for me, windows and IE do not read .MOV files (common digital camera file). This means I would have to convert these photos into a seperate file and video format thus losing the quality of the images when uploaded to the internet rendering them completely useless. These photos however, have points of reference. In said photos are two neighbors houses, trees, stars and even passing planes and (when fully zoomed) show (at multiple lengths of exposure) that these "streaks" are neither planes nor stars. How do I know this? at a 10" exposure the planes are OBVIOUS in nature, the stars are "solid", and the "streaks" cover a much greater distance than that of either the planes or stars. If you (investigators) would like these photos feel free to contact me any time day or night and I will gladly provide them to you in any form you see fit. Although, you may need a Mac computer to read them in their current form. Thank you for your time...


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