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Stourbridge, England - 29th June 2010 - Time: 11.46 AM

I'm fairly excited to be sharing these photos with you. A friend of mine rang me today on my cellphone.

I sensed excitement in his voice as he went on about a sighting he'd just experienced in his backyard whilst hanging out the washing.

By his own admission, he is the last person who would own up to believing in the paranormal. That's what makes this all the more substantial to me.

He says he felt he was been watched very strongly. As he looked up to peg-out the clothes on the line, he saw a glint in the sky to his left.

At first he thought it was a balloon as it was just 'hanging' there, static. After a few seconds it glinted in the sun again. It was a fairly windy day, and he was perplexed as to why the 'balloon' wasn't drifting away. He knows I'm interested in such phenomena as unknowns in the sky, so he grabbed his camera from the house and managed to get off around 8 pics before the thing simply 'wasn't there' anymore.

Out of the shots he got, six of them were quite blurred but two of them were clear. He says that apart from glinting like a mirror in the sun it also had a haze underneath it, like you would see on the tarmac on a very hot day.

Hope you can use this in your research.

Regards, Colonel Foster

Special thanks to Billy Booth and UFO Casebook.

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